Monday, November 08, 2004
Me Myself and I (Is all I got in the end)
Well, its Monday and my life is only slightly more on track when it was Friday. OK, a lot more on track. Aside from losing my keys, half my backpack, and a reference book i stole from the library (not really stole, but...never mind), I have an Economics test tommorow that I'm not ready for at all. (Exsperated sigh).

My life is so strange and odd. It shouldn't really be that stressfull and depressing seeing that I have what a lot of kids really wish for in high school (semi-popularity, extreme hotness [just kidding], friends, a homecoming crown, and load of other things) but I cant help but think that maybe theres more to life than this.

Hey, Its time for....

Ok, todays topic is ASHLEEEEEE SIMPSON

There's a German word for taking delight in other people's misfortune. I am going to have that word put on my tombstone. Way to flush any pretense of a career down the toilet, hag! After lyp-synching and then blaming it on her band, Ashley (I refuse to write down those insipid "ee"s again) is tanked. I really didnt like her in the first place, every time i saw her, she seemd to be like, "Hi, Im Ashley Simpson, you might remember me from my older and prettier sister Jessica. But Im not going to ride off her fame, oh no. Im completely un-Jessica! My hair is dark, and I am punk, so YOU KNOW i am totally unlike her. I will not pimp my sister JESSICA SIMPSON's name just to get ahead. I have my own talent! (cough)JESSICA SIMPSON(cough)

and thats all for todays rant

Im off to bed, guys. Editors meeting tommorow at 6:50 for all who care, and COME TO THE GIRLS B-BALL GAME tommorow. Its gonna be a good.

Also, Brett you are my best friend no matter what

MUSIC MOOD: Me, Myself and I, Destiny's Child
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  • At 6:31 PM, Blogger Tabitha said…

    sorry about the bad monday! i'm glad you aren't extremely depressed... i have my down days also!!!

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