Friday, November 26, 2004
Can you keep up?
So I listened to the new Destiny's Child CD, and to be honest, I really didn't like it that much. To start off, the CD tries too hard to be blatantly sexy on most tracks. The 5th track on the song, "Is She the Reason", starts out with Beyonce saying, "Hey baby...I wish you could see what I have on right...You so sexy...Think of how.....Intense it would be...to hold me right now...". It just doesn't work for me. The CD starts of well enough with the drum-cadence filled "Lose My Breath", but sticks to the formula that has worked so well for DC in the past and lets listeners down with the hope that perhaps someone on this CD could have more airtime than Beyonce. The CD should be titled "Beyonce, featuring Kelly, with very little Michelle". The song is one of the most infectious ones I've heard in a while. (As a matter of fact, its my ringtone) The video for the song is equally exhilirating. It features three sets of the girls in different eras dancing against each other. The next song on the album is "Soldier" featuring Cash Money and some other random people. It sounds good enough, but I saw a preview clip of the music video and it seems to be pretty random..uncharecteristically "hoochie". The one part I remeber is Kelly wearing a bikini and a fur jacket. I just think that the lyrics and image that they are trying to project is mainly going to go against Michelle's image, far away from her "gospel songbird" persona. I saw them perform at the Thanksgiving football game, Dallas vs Chicago, and the performance was pretty good, except for their obvious lyp syncing. At least they pretended to sing, using "live" pre-recorded lyrics (the song re-recorded with them "ad libbing" and saying things like "c'mon!" and "Yeah") and microphones. When Beyonce performed at the MTV Awards, she had the nerve to not even have a ear-mike on stage, much less a handheld. Also, Beyonce lost a little weight (not that she was fat, just thick...newayz) and she loks purty good. Meh, all-in-all purdy good CD, with some good tracks. "Through With Love" is actually one of the best songs I heard in a while. And the three-part harmony sounds really great. But it just oozes with "Look at us. We are grown up. We are sexy. We are INDEPENDENT WOMEN. Now, listen to me sing about catering to your every need and let me flounce around in a thong bikini. Are these grapes peeled good enough for you?"

1. Lose My Breath Listen
2. Soldier
3. Cater 2 U
4. T-Shirt
5. Is She the Reason
6. Girl
7. Bad Habit
8. If
9. Free
10. Through With Love
11. Love
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