Wednesday, November 10, 2004
Maybe I Should Rob Somebody...
I really like that song. I dont know who it's by, but its about how nice guys always finish last when it comes to girls. Meh. I was really suprised to find out that was true, that a lot of girls would rather have somebody slap em around than someone to be nice to them. This one girl told me she broke up with a guy just because he was too nice to her. Thats crazy to me.

I think thats one of the biggest problems in our society. Whats right is wrong and whats wrong is right. Or maybe Im just crazy. (Exsaperated sigh).

I really try to be positive in the face of adversity, like when stuff comes flying at me from all different directions, I try to stay true and hold on to what Im taught and what I know, but its hard sometimes. Really hard.

You know what I really hate? THe way caucasians (read=white people) think that just because you dont listen to the same music they do, or watch the same shows they do, then automatically you're bad. "What!? You dont know what 'The OC' is? YOURE STUPID!" No, I dont know what The OC (pronounced "ock") is, nor do I care. "I can't believe you dont watch 'Friends' thats the best original show ever!", except that the idea was stolen from a black comedy, 'Living Single'. (Exsaperated Sigh).

Its hard being a black youth in white America. Youre always expected to be "blacker" than the last black guy, and freakin everyone else in the world, and talk like the latest rap single thats circulating around the white stations. If you can actually speak well enough to be understood, youre not black enough, so you're an "Oreo" and if you speak in all double negatives and wrong grammer then you're the "cool black kid".

And I admit it. Sometimes I speak the way I do, and act the way I act, to play up to white America's expectation of me, which is for me to be a rapper/basketballplayer/entertainer/janitor, but I dont think I can allow myself to be put into that mold any longer. I'm just so sick of comments like "Youre not really black, you dont "act" black", well what is "acting black"?. It's white america's way of keeping black people into our little cages, by keeping us away from our "toolbox", our toolbox being the key to all communication, speech. As long as we allow ourselves to be imprisoned within these boxes, we'll never advance ahead. (exsaperated sigh)
I digress. Thats my rant for tonite. I'll see yall tommorow. Serious thinking to do.


Bretts tha besssssssssssssssssst

Music Mood: "Diary"; Alicia Keys

P>S>>>> funny page that I think pokes fun at the subject i was just talking about. Only go ther if you can take yourself humourously ;P http://www.blackpeopleloveus.com
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