Thursday, November 11, 2004
I want some of this toothepaste.
Vanilla-mint toothpaste


Vanilla-mint toothpaste

In my MSNBC.com Weblog, Test Pattern, I reviewed the vanilla-mint toothpaste they were hawking on “The Apprentice.” And...I liked it! No, really!

Excerpt: “It's kind of nasty looking when it comes out of the tube — the swirl of two flavors is hot in toothpastes these days, but instead of a familiar green and white swirl, vanilla-mint Crest comes in a white and clear swirl. Which maybe sounded like a good idea back in the P&G boardroom ("White will be for mint and clear will be for vanilla! Or vice-versa! It doesn't matter!"), but which on my brush kind of looked like the toothpaste had mixed with spit. Or maybe it's not supposed to look like that, in which case someone in the store opened my Crest, spit in it, and put it back. I hope there's fluoride in spit.”


Seriously though, I want some. I'm not kidding, if anybody knows where to get it down here in Texas, tell me, cuz I want some.
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1 Put ya thang down flip it and reverse it:
  • At 2:21 PM, Blogger Morgan said…

    Hey Don... What exactly is a "blog" anyway ?? well, i made one. . so you should check it out once i get going. I think you are very smart. I like what you said about the whole Black people thing. Even though im not black, i realize the situation and yeah it really bothers me how people expect you to be a certain way... its like that for everything these days and its so frustrating because not everyone is the same. I think its cool that you are differnt than what people imagine you should be. I like that alot about you. You are such an individual and you DONT conform.. I'll admit that i have done that in the past. Not intentionally of course but sometimes i look around and im like "wow.. what am i doing? im NOT like this" People just have a huge effect on others and you dont really realize it until later on. I like that you are different. I know that that post was a couple of entries back. Oh well. Im going to go write in my brand new BLOG..maybe ill add some "JG"

    Love ya!!
    P.S I Want to be in America (SWISHHx30000)

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