Friday, December 17, 2004
Awwww Yeah
Winter Break, heck YES!

It feels so good to be out of school. I survived finals week, and managed to take only 1 exam.

So, I went to the 99cent store a total of aboot 9 times this week to pick up various things, including (1) some wicked esspresso candy that made me rather hyper (2) A random Spice Girl's video tape for the white elephant thing and (3) a HUGE pair of granny draws that were way weird even for me (they were for the white elephant too)

So every time I go to the store its like THE SAME CASHIER every time and she thinks she knows me but she really doesn't. When I came through with the granny draws this was our dialogue:

(scans the drawers; has to do it several times b/c the UPC is messed up)

Cashier: (frowning) MmmmmHmmmm.
Me: Those aren't for me...
Cashier: MmmmmmmHmmmm.
Me: No really, they are for a white elepahnt gift.
(cashier gives me a look)
Me: Seriously, I don't wear granny panties. Seriously.
Cashier: MmmmmmHmmmm.

So then I come back the next day with Ferro, Barnett, and Mandi to buy Christmas decorations for the theatre party (which, btw, was freakishhly BOOORING) and we got this Jewish wrapping paper, and the SAME FREAKING CASHIER was like:

Cashier: You know this is Jewish wrapping paper, right
(this is what we should have said)

As we were walking in the store, Barnett (btw, in case you didnt know: YOU CANT DRIVE) almost hit these random pedestrians walking in the store. The looked at us all crazy and kept walking, but then Barnett, oh yeah, did I mention you can't drive??? Almost hit them and the woman flicked us off, and I was like "Ooooooh. I'm SCARED", and we cracked up. It was hilarious.

Then the 3rd time, Brett wanted me to go with him, so I did, and he got this calendar called "ABLE BODIES" or something with all these guys in it and various nearly-naked poses for his white elephant, and since I was looking forward to seeing him squirm under the glare of the elderly cashier, I head toward her line, but as we wait in line and get to the front, she's like, "I'm Closed". and I was like, "dang." Then we left.

So then there was the theatre party, which was the biggest waste of my life since watching "Women of Troy". We sat around, looking at each other for most of the evening, with Mr. Prahl saying the most hilarious things...Ms Godwin was curiously absent *cough*probably with Mr Gilseth*cough*. Then Brett, Mandi, Brit, Steph, and I conspired to get the white elephant gifts that we wanted, which really wasn't that hard, so we all came out with cool stuff.

Then, the ABSOLUTE HILIGHT OF THE EVENING, us beating down TWHS in OVERTIME by like 1 point. It was awesome, we made history by being one of the first teams in our schools history to beat the Woodlands in district 5A, excluding, I think, tennis. It was great, we were having a party in the stands. Its great when a group of students come together and unite as one for a commmon goal. We all shared the same pain and victories through out the game.

Then I went to Annie Bellamy's Xmas Partay, and it was really cool. I met some new people (like this random cool kid named Jimmy from TWHS and some crazy little 8th graders from Willis) and hung out with some old friends. And there were some really good brownies, too!

OK guys, post a comment if you want to, if not thats cool. I'm having surgery on Tuesday, so call me on like Wednesday and shower me with love/money. Perferably more of the latter.

Bretts the best - "Down to tha toof"

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