Thursday, December 02, 2004
Friendships a funny thing.
Its so weird, when you think about it. Your circle of friends. They might be the most unlikely people ever, but theres something about them that makes them likeable to you. Its so crazy, because, when you evaluate your life (mentally) and you think, "What kind of friends should I have?", you'll probably way off. Or maybe I'm just weird. I mean, I'm 6'5, and one of my best friends (yes you Dallas-man) was a barely 5'3 skinny white boy. Who liked to race cars. And frequently sported a bright green neon cast as the result of many of his crazy white kid excapades. And now we have Brett.....hmmmm, what do we say about Brett? I dunno, (especially since he never gets online, the stoopid loser) but its weird. I've realized I have absolutely nothing in common with some of my friends. And this is coming form someone who has friends all over the school. Academy nerds, theatre geeks, hypersexual band freaks, football meatheads, those random potheads (I didnt know they were potheads when I met them, but....eh, thats another story), and anyone else who has time to listen to my less-than-intellegint (see, I'm pretty sure I just spelled that word wrong) babblings. Meh. Sometimes you just cant pick your friends, no matter how much you want to.
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