Sunday, February 19, 2006
The Mystery of Mariah's Weave

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I Will Always Love You
by Whitney Houston

Mimi, whoever told you that 16 inches of horsehair in your head was a good look lied to you. "Fly Like A Bird" is a crunk song, though. Check out the performance.
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1 Put ya thang down flip it and reverse it:
  • At 1:33 PM, Anonymous Lindsey Templeton said…

    You have absolutely no right to be posting my pictures in an album that has to do with Racism. What you are doing is libelous and you can be prosecuted for it. It is not my statement that I am racist, actually, I am far from it, and I do not appreciate or consent to you posting my pictures in the way that you did. I want you to remove them immediately, or I will report you.

    That get together was called EZE-Dogs because "E-Dogs" has been a nickname for SAE for years, just as FIJI is a nickname for Phi Gamma Delta. I heard an alumni who is 34 now refer to SAE's as E-Dogs just this weekend without prompting. The get together was a thug-themed party because it just happened to fit with their nickname.

    This was not a racist event either. There were African Americans in attendance, dressed along with the theme.

    The only one supporting racism at this point is yourself. By saying that it is racist to wear thug looking clothing, you are attributing "thug qualities" to African Americans or minority groups in general. You would be the one devaluing your race or another's race.

    Anyone can be a thug. It's evident in the media and in pop culture. Rapper, Bubba Sparks is a white man who wears thug-ish clothes, and we don't call him racist. Whites, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics can all be thugs. It is not a race thing.

    "thug" has to do with culture, not ethnicity. It is ignorant for you to claim that by dressing up in baggy clothes, a person is in essence, "making fun of minorities."

    Our society tells us that it is perfectly normal to emulate those whom we admire. Who can argue that Beyonce Knowles doesn't have a beautiful voice. On top of that she is stylish and she's a celebrity. There is a show on MTV called "celebrity make-over" in which a person goes under-the-knife to change their appearance to look like someone else. By simply jumping to conclusions, you have defamed someone by claiming that they are racist, posting their pictures on the web and in your facebook album, without considering that she may be a fan of Beyonce's, and maybe she was trying to emulate her style to fit the theme of the night, because that's how Beyonce looks, and that's the kind of thing that Beyonce sings about.

    Like I said before... Jumping to conclusion, without a statement of affirmation from the parties whom you are accusing is libelous, not to mention ignorant. Your facebook group and your album has offended more people because they have baseless and false accusations. Yes racism is evil, yes it needs to be wiped out, but by categorizing yourself and giving your whole racial group the attributes of a "thug," you are the one doing the limiting. You are the one that is claiming and attributing inferiority to yourself.

    Would Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, and the deceased Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. agree with the generalization that "thug" is inherently African American, or inherently minority, and that it cannot be a white attribute as well.

    You are claiming that certain individuals are racist, when they may in fact be very good friends with several minorities, which is the case with me. None of my black or Hispanic or Asian friends would ever think that by dressing "thug" I am trying to make fun of them in any way.

    Now, before stereotyping Sigma Alpha Epsilon as racist, please note that two of the current members of the fraternity have black brothers, and it is greatly offensive for you to generalize the frat in this manner. Also, three years ago, SAE participated with a black fraternity in “Sing.” Also this SAE chapter is one of the few in Texas that has ever had black members in it. I am telling you: Take down those pictures, not only are your accusations, false, blasphemous, hurtful, and ignorant, they are also libelous. Take them down.

    This is my formal request.

    Lindsey Templeton

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