Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Life = Not Cool

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Here's a secret:

Life sucks. It sucks way hard. Wanna know how/why?

Becuase here's what we do. For 12 years in school, we spend 5 days of the week dreading the next day. There is absolutely nothing appealing about going to school everyday, and going through routine. So you live for the weekends, and you go wild and crazy. So heres your routine: Hate everday, and then have two days of happiness.

So then you get into college, and you say, well, now i can finally enjoy my life, because I am not strapped down in this stupid routine, the routine of doing the same stupid ish day in day out, and then living for the weekend, having fun for 48 hours and then going back to the mundane. So you wait it out, until you graduate.

So then you get a job, and you think, well hot dang, now I can finally live my life. But no! Your life is now in a horrible, terrible cycle and you cannot stop it. You go five days with it sucking, then you have two that are cool. Then you die at 53 from an embollism, and no one comes to your funeral, because it is on a Tuesday and they all have to work.

My remedy? Become a movie star. Or a bum. Preferably a movie star. Then you could kiss pretty women. Or at least be on Oprah.
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