Thursday, July 20, 2006
Dang you ants!
So, I've cut myself twice in the last three weeks. Not in like a self-harming way, but by being extremely clumsy. The first time I was cutting an apple and got distracted and dern near sliced through my thumb. Then yesterday I was slicing cookie dough and I cut my other thumb. What's really going on in my unverse?

I went to Six Flags over Texas last week with the fam. Not only my parents and sister, but THE FAM. That means five of my moms nine siblings, and all of their bad children. We were at WalMart the night before and almost got thrown out because they kept running around, throwing footballs, breaking china, looking suspicous, screaming and whatnot. We were on this ride, Judge Riley Scream, or something, and at the end of the ride, one of m cousins screamed out "WHAT THE F***" just because he felt like it. This little boy next to him repeated it and his mom told he not to. He said it again and he got a beatdown, all because of my cousin.

So, I'm sitting watching the Six Flags performers lypsync their way through a 20 minute performance about the yellow rose of Texas and how great Six Glafs is and blah-blah. I'm sitting on this sort of triangular stone thing on grass with a flower bed in the middle.

These bad kids, who were not related to me, btw, were sitting behind me, and their being pretty loud, and then they get quiet. I dont really notice because I'm watching this thick girl lyp sync to Celebrate Good Times Come On (She wasnt fat per se, her outfit just didnt fit her) and then the little boys go "Hey, you have ants on you" THESE BAD LITTLE KIDS HAD BEEN PLAYING IN AN ANTBED, ET ANTS CRAWL INTO MY PANTS AND DRAWS AND THEN TELL ME THAT I HAVE ANTS ON ME....LIKE ITS MY FAULT.

I had to go to the filthy Six Flags restroom, take off all my clothes and shoes, and shake ants out of them. Did I mention that I am allergic to ants? So I have huge larger than life ant bits all over me...and dangerously close to my junk. I was rather upset.

OK, rant over. Peace

D Urbn

PS everyone watch Project Runway! It is the ish!
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