Wednesday, July 05, 2006
In the Case of 3 month old Dylan...You are NOT the Father!
"I have genital herpes.

I try not to let it control my life...but sometimes, its hard to remember to take all those pills...thats why I use Valtrex...I'm stopping the transmission of genital herpes by using it...and I feel good about that."

Come on, people. I do not need to see this inbetween episodes of Maury and Judge Hatchett...on second thoought...right now, the screen on Maury says "I Cheated With 2 Men...Our Baby May Not Be Yours!" Maybe that explains it.

ANywayz, I went out for my run today, and found a beer bottle in the front yard. So I threw it away, and walked to the neighbors house (not the adulturer's; the drug dealer's) and their house is littered with beer bottles. They had this huge party last night, because their parents went out of town...when will they get smart and realize their kids are bad and cannot be left alone?

Flashback to 4th of July about 4 or 5 years ago. They have a big party as we have a family reunion in our backyard, two guys start fighting over this painfully ugly girl (I mean really...she was UGLY...a cheerleader who tanned about every other day, and weighed abou tthe size of a tootsie role). One guy pulls out a gun and they start shooting.

Fastforward about 3 years. Little Johnny gets caught at school selling large amounts of coke and weed out of the back of his car.

Ahhh...so refreshing to see a family make the most of their oppurtunities.
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