Saturday, May 27, 2006
I Think We're In A Bit of a Pickle, Dick

Currently listening to:
I Have Nothing
by Whitney Houston

(yeah, I know, random)

You're I remember, forever...
but dont make me CLOSE ONE MORE DOOOOOR

Anyway, so last week I go to get mah hurr did in Houston, at this little dreadlock shop called Wise Choice. A little background on this place: Last August I had an appointment and I Mapquested the directions and somehow spent 5 hours trying to get there, got lost, and ended up having to go back home.

So this time I got the directions from the stylist and I drove there. But before I went, my mother had something to tell me. Apparently she was watching the news and she saw a special about Salvadorian gangs in Houston. She kept telling me not to stop, dont slow down, and if I saw someone suspicious, to call the police. I was like, Mama, its Houston; dang near everybody is suspicious. Plus, my appointment was at 12:30. IN THE AFTERNOON. She replies by telling me, "Fool around and get cut up. These gangs arent anything to mess around with."

So I drive to Houston, about an hour drive to the place, and about every five minutes my phone is blowing up becuase shes afraid that I have been captured, and when she calls I will be able to reach my phone and yell a description of my attackers complete with my location so that she may relay that to the po-pos.

It didnt help that when I googled "salvadorian gangs in houston" I came up with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Here are these little quizzes that they put on people's Myspaces (of which I have but never use - friend me!: http://www.myspace.com/deandreupshaw) and before I took it I thought I was pretty hardcore (ok, im not really hardcore at all). It proved me wrong, because my answer was like "no" to everything.

D UrbN

eta: OK, this really didnt turn out right, and I deleted it, but I couldnt get the table off. Go to myspace to see it. Holla!
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