Wednesday, February 16, 2005
Say it, yes, ohhh...SPELL IT BACKWARDS!
I've decided that English is gay.

Everything was cool today, actually. We had to give like summaries of our cantos, but Im 19 and we ended at like 12 (hahaha stef). So now I have to do this stupid "layers of hell" proj that you create your own hell and put people in it in stuff, so I have to have a theme like a travel guide ("So, you want to visit Hell") or, like someone else I know is doing, "EMO Hell", where she put groupies, and guys who think they can sing but can't and junk. So if anyone has any ideas, feel free to share them with me...
In Govt today, we talked about Roe vs Wade, and of course, with all the overly opinionated people at my school, the sparks began flying, especially when my comment after everything said was "The best abortion is keeping your legs closed. Remember that, ladies" and of course there were the ProChoice peeps and the ProLifes, and then the casual observers (read: ME) who interjected their wit and sarcasm into the discussion.
Yearbooks goin pretty darn well, but were on deadline this week and it gets pretty hectic, especially since we have my 3 pictures to put our yearbook together with. Grrrr....
So today this random lady comes in the yearbook room venting about some stupid add that she bought for her daughter and yada yada yada. For some UNGODLY reason I let Nolan deal with her since I was working on some other Ads. I came into the conversation after I remembered that Nolan....hmmmm, how can I put this....can do very few things right. So the conversation went pretty much like this.

Me: Um, Nolan keep scanning those pictures in/

Angry Parent: (Who was built like a bear, sounded like a man and smelled like so much nicotine I got a contact high from her) This is very unsatisfactory.

Me: Ummm....Excuse me?

Parent: Well, I spoke with you all 3 months ago and you assured me that it would be taken care of. I also said that I have final approval over everything on the page. This is very unsatisfactory.

Me: Yes ma'am, but what usually happens is that we lay them out on the page, and our advisor fixes them up...What you see right here is only sort of a rough draft.

Parent: (and this is the clincher) Well, if you can't do something about it, I paid $500 for this ad, and I will go to the principal if need be, and I will have your job.

Me: (pause).....OK

Seeing as though I don't get PAID....anyway, the rest of the day was alright.
We had rehearsal till 5:30 and it just gets boringer and boringer everyday. The same stuff over and over. I don't know if I can stand it. The only thing thats good at all are my friends (you know who you are ;)

Lata Chones, Bye.
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