Monday, February 14, 2005
I you can't make me say oooh....
You know what I like about having a cellphone? The little alarm setting to where you can set it to go off. This is cool unless you have a ringtone thats nice at first, but then gets on your nerves when you hear it every 5 minutes (after you've pressed the Snooze button 3 times). Meh, oh well.

If you didnt already know, I made the play, as a severely retarded man named Lucien. Hmmmmmm, rehearsals are all right, but they already suck immensley. From 3:20-5:30, with these people (whom for the most part, I really don't have any undying love for), and their quirks. Like, someone who's voice annoys you in the regular 55 minute class period KILLS you in a 2 hour stretch. Then only thing that saves this play from being a TAKS test (speaking of, 4 - day weekend!!!! TAKS day for underclassmen, bwahahahahaha) are Brett, Mandi and Corey. Really. There are some other cool peeps, but some of the kids take this junk way too seriously.

Hey, leave me some comments if you read this. I enjoy knowing that I am LOVED. You make me feel UNLOVED.

I saw Million Dollar Baby with my homie this weekend and it was dang good. I also saw another movie with said homie and Mandy called 21 grams. Hmmmm, that was an odd film.

Say It! Spell it Backwards!!!! En Espanol!!! Pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop!

Lata Gatas
posted by DeAndre' @ 6:10 PM  
1 Put ya thang down flip it and reverse it:
  • At 8:47 PM, Anonymous MANDI said…

    DeAndre' we are so tight. Like opposite of a slut's vagina... so anyway why don't you go throw up or something? haha jk i like you

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