Tuesday, March 08, 2005
This just in: Theatre is gay.

For anyone who doesnt realize this, you should probably move back to Mars, you stupid alien. They excpect people to completely change their lives fo the play, and while I'm all for being committed and alll that jazz, they are taking it way too far. And SOME of us (you know who you are) are taking it entirely too seriously *cough* suckups *cough*.

My week has been going alright, actually, but I'm so bored I don't know what to do with myself. I turned in my English paper early, got an 88, and my B in the class, and I don;t have any homework this week, like at all. That is so weird. I have nothing to do in the evenings either b/c Bretterick (yes, my master who controls my life ;) has other stuff to do. So I've been reading alot, and Instant Messaging, and being really bored.

Have you ever had somebody who you liked so much it was scary? Well I have. And not in like, a sexual way, but someone you admire so much. Yeah,....

Well, prom has rolled around, but the slight dillemna may be that my date wants to go in another group. Of course I'll compromise, but doesn't it make sense that since I'm paying for everything, that I should get to chose what goes on?

Meh, I wont obsess, cuz I'm 2 blessed 2 B stressed. Isn't that a fun rhyme?????
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