Thursday, March 31, 2005
Is it Just my Imagination
Or is the whole world getting stupider.

I know what you are thinking, "Ha. He claims that the whole world is getting stupider, yet he uses such bad language as "stupider"".

Well, you would be right. We are all getting dumber. Lets go down the list of people in High School who are getting dumber.

(1) Those who insist on copulating in the middle of the hallway. Ganted, I know hormones are flying, but would it be possible if you would let them fly somewhere that is not outside my English Class. Speaking of *OT* I was at the Rehab Clinic, and we were all watching from the 2nd floor window (pretty high up, actually), Doctors and all, these two people making out in the parking lot. But the clincher was, that in the middle of their hot and heavy makeout session on her Honda Accord, her cell phone wrings. She is distraught. What is she to do? Discontinue her public peep show ( I know she saw us all staring at them from the window ) or keep going. Guess what she does. She has a conversation on her phone from the right side of her mouth as she nuzzles her boyfriend from the other side of her mouth.

(2) Random fighting People Who Don't Actually Fight. OK, lets get this straight first and foremost. We all know that somebody who fights at school doesn't really want a real fight, because if they wanted a real fight they would be fighting in the woods or some deserted alley. But if you are going to fight at school, make sure you actually FIGHT and don't just dance around. I love seeing fights, but if you could somehow coordinate them into your schedule and like, sent text messages to everyone so they would see, thatd be really cool. Because who wants to fight someone else if there are no witnesses?!?!

(3) The Academy Hallway becasue it smells like an odor that can only be characterized as nerd.

(4) People who insist on stopping in the hallway and having a full conversation and get mad at you when you push them down out of the way and then you get a refferal not that it happened to me but...

(5) The stupid underclassmen. Really, this kid shakes up his full Sprite bottle, opens it slightly, and then heaves it from the second floor. It hit some poor kid and sprayed all over him and probably ruined his day. This kid will now go on to be one of those sadistic world leaders who, when they get into power, plot to kill an entire state because when they were in High School, somebody ruined their outfit by throwing carbonated beverage onto it. After he destroys Texas, there will be news reports about how when he was younger, someone threw a bottle at him, and this ruined his life. He will have kept diaries, and there will be tearfully taped testimonies from friends and families that, "We should have seen the signs... I only wish that whoever threw that bottle knew that they were ruining someones life and forcing them to become a sadistric world leader who destroys the yellow rose of Texas and kills people *tear*".

More to come, hold onto your jammies.
In the meantime, check out this site. Awesome.

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