Wednesday, March 30, 2005
Sitting here in the yearbook room and posting my first blog in a while. A lot has happened since Easter, we are back from Easter break and schools aiight. We went to Zone and freaking dominated We got like, all the awards and I got Best Actor, which is dadgum awesome. It was so funny, on the way back from Tech on Thursday, Pat and Jessie were like, "OK, we're going to buy the food for us (like during competition)", and I was like, "...Hold up. YALL are going to buy the food?", because Scott usually buys the food, and I was afraid...well, you know Pat. Lets just say I didn't want any special "additives" in my food. *cough*. Anyway, so me Brett is fat and Mandi were like, "Who wants us to go get food?" And everyone was like YOU! YOU! YOU!, so, we went to Wally World and picked up all this great junk, but then we got to the register and the thing was like $58.45. Unfortunately, we only had $50 and still had to buy ice. So we had to take out all the good stuff and stick with the basics. Not that bad, but meh. Eh, so on the days that we have competitions, we all have to be nice to each other. Pretty hard considering that I really don't like most of the people in the play. *sigh*.

Gtg work, and then Drs Appointment at 1:30. Lata
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