Tuesday, March 22, 2005
Its Gettin' Late, In the Evenin'
So fun finally came my way yesterday in the form of Bretters, Gayrard and Bretts sister and her friend. We had a good time chillizin and doin other stuff, so you know that was off the heezy. In case you'all didnt know, I changed my AIM screename from ghettogreenrangr to redlemonznlimez. I just felt like change, if anybody wants to know why.

I finally sent in my deposit to school! I'm midly excited, but I've been doing my research on Baylor and they seem to be pretty strict (yes, I know it is a Baptist school) but most of the people I know that go there say it isn't really. Just stuff I guess. I'm (hopefully) bringing my car, so if the weekend is dead then its only about an 1 hour and 43 minutes to Austin, which isn't that bad, considering, and its only like 3 hours away from home, far enough to be far away while its still close enough, y'know what I mean?

Today maybe I'll hang out with Gayrard or Ploshee. Thatll be cool, and sometime this week I've gotta write my Eng paper. Stupid Ethan Frome.

Later, goodbye.
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