Tuesday, May 17, 2005
Alrighty, I found out where my other post went! This is from 5/11 , mkay?

So I was in McDonald's today with some random people who-shall-not-be-named-becasue-they-are-mean-to-me, and I noticed McDonald's new ads for their answer to EVERYBODY in the world's salad, their fruit-and-walnut salad (which after reading that link, sounds actually pretty good), and their ad campaign features Destiny's Child, and the ad says (more or less)

"When we walk down the red carpet
We look fine and sing good
Watch us shake ur bootyliciousness!"

Or some junk like that, which is weird in itself, because I can just imagine Beyonce singing me McDonald's commercials.

I KNOW you, you want this
DOUBBBBBBBBLE Cheeeseburger, baby
But Whooooooo!,
Youuuuuu need to get some fries with that, Oooooooh
And a LAAAAARGE Coke, ooh yeahhhhhhhhhh"


In other news, the AP test whomped, and I just feel so bad because I paid actually money to take it.

Nobody likes me.
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