Sunday, May 08, 2005
A conversation with fellow royalty, PROM QUEEN Christi Laney
ridgeball05: what're you up to
redlemonznlimez: watching Desperate Housewives
ridgeball05: haha
ridgeball05: who is having sex with who tonight
redlemonznlimez: ooh
redlemonznlimez: Gabrielle just found out
ridgeball05: uh oh
redlemonznlimez: that her motherinlaw, doctored her birth control
redlemonznlimez: but what we know and she doesnt is that carlos messsed with her
redlemonznlimez: pills
ridgeball05: ooooops
redlemonznlimez: so now shes pregnant
ridgeball05: =-O
redlemonznlimez: but unbeknownst to carlos
redlemonznlimez: gabrielle had been sleeping with the lawnboy
ridgeball05: omgoodness
redlemonznlimez: so she doesnt know who the babys father is
redlemonznlimez: so the lawnboy is all angry
ridgeball05: is he the baby's daddy
redlemonznlimez: becasue he thinks he deserves to be in the childs life
redlemonznlimez: they dont know who it is yet
ridgeball05: lol that is crazy
redlemonznlimez: but she told him no matter what hes not going to be the "father"
redlemonznlimez: i know, right
ridgeball05: ho housewives is more like it
redlemonznlimez: hahahaha
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