Thursday, May 05, 2005
Its DeAndre' Time, FOOL!,
So there is this very new DISTURBING commercial out for Gatorade's new product, Gatorade ENDURANCE. Obviously, as the commercial shows, Gatorade ENDURANCE is so good that when you come up against other players in the sporting arena, it causes them to crumble apart and die. Period.

No, the commercial is basically like, "Here is person running with only water in their body. Even though water has been around for, I don't know, hundreds of years (at least since 1978), ITS NOT DOING ENOUGH! >cue crumbling athelete....send in other athelete who has drunk Gatorade ENDURANCE< "Mmmmmmmm Johnny sure does look refrshed as he runs on the crumbled remains of LaTesha! He must have....Gatorade ENDURANCE!"

Ha, what losers. Anyway, I am totally ready for the weekend. i'm going to relax and not worry about a thing. THERE ARE ONLY 14 DAYS LEFT IN MY HIGH SCHOOL CAREER, isn't that awesome.

You know what I wonder?
I have DirecTV, and they show commercials for DirecTV on DirecTV. There is even a whole channel devoted to seeing how to order DirecTV...even though I already have it. And I wonder if DirecTV gets mad when Charter Communications or Time Warner shows ads. I know I'd be angry and would sabatoge their ads by sneaking dirty words into them.
It would be like,

"Time (BOOB!) Warner Cable...check it out!"


"Charter Communicationtesticularcancer! Make the switch!"

Hahahaha, I am so witty.

Stupid AP Test.


Oh, cool new thingee. Type in the name of a tv show, and itll show you every 15 seconds with a recap and pictures. Pretty dang cool, huh?
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