Saturday, October 01, 2005
Me and Extreme Boredom (Plus Squirells and DTR)
What's the matter with me?

I have millions of friends. Literally, I have so many and I can't name all of them. But I find myself bored night, after night after night. I really do have lotsa random friends, but not very many that I find myself wanting to spend loads of time with. Not that there isn't the possibility of having good friends, but I think I'm still kinda stuck on my best friend. Complicated.

But I find myself bored, and I don't really know what to do. I could go to clubs and parties and junk, but thats really not me at all. I'd just be fooling myself.

Don't get me wrong I'm really happy. I love college life a lot. Today I had to wake up early for academic advisment, and had about 40 minutes to call after that was over, so I just walked around and enjoyed life. I sat down on one of the DTR benches and just watched the squirells run around and attack each other like minions of Satan (side note - the squirells here are really crazy. They arent afraid of people and let you get really close, but then run off making that horrible chattering noise)

Oh yeah, what is a DTR bench you ask? Well all around campus, there are these benches, painted green and gold, really nice looking, just set off under trees and by sidewalks. Well, legend has it, if you see a couple sitting on that bench they're DTRing - Defining The Relationship. This is usually bad for one of the parties involved. Either one of them wants to take it to the next level, or they are breaking it off. Its said that if a guy ever asks a girl to sit down at a DTR bench, the girl should run as fast as she can if she wants to stay in the relationship, becasue whenever a guy asks a girl, that means instant breakup.

So, since everyone is out of town, roomates included, I'll sit down with my Season One of Desperate Housewives and the bootleg copy of the Family Guy movie I borrowed from one of the guys down the hall and drink cream soda while eating craisins.

Here's an article about dating at Baylor, and it discusses the DTR bench briefly. Click it.
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