Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Me and Baylor's Problems
The racial climate at Baylor University is disturbing.

People wonder why and how a "Chrsitian" student body could be so completely and utterly segregated, but its not that hard to see why.

At Chapel on Monday, there were two rappers who came and rapped about God, and Jesus, and the importance of knowing God. The audience basically treated them like crap, and talke during their entire performance, and didn't stand, even after the guys encouraged them to stand up and show their love for God.

Yet on Thursday, when some very creepy guy named David Crouwder and his band came to perform, they got every one's full attention. I was asked why I wasn't standing, and my reply was "Its too loud" - and it was. So loud in fact that they blew out a speaker.

The point of all this is to show that while white students may emulate black culture in almost every single way, they stll are segregated at the spiritual level.

In class, a student turned to the kids in his immediate area and asked, "What did you think about those black guys? Those rappers, at Chapel today?" with a snide smile, and one of the girl's around him replied, "Ew."

I turned to him and I said, "Well what was the problem with them? They were feeling the songs, and they were worshiping God."

The guy turns to me and says, "Well, I couldn't understand what they were saying, and I didn't know the words."

He left out his obvious thought, that they were black and as in America, especially at "Christian" schools like Baylor, being black is still not a good thing. I mean, the David Crouder guy (who was really freaky looking - if I saw him on the street I'd cross), I didn't know any of the words to his songs, and I sure didn't understand a word he was saying.

The mindset at this school is basically white=right. Even today, when we had a Catholic priest or someone come talk, he made a point in his speech that "racism was still alive and well today." Obvious point, but the crowd at Chapel seemed to dislike this and some people even said "What?" aloud.

All I'm saying is, it seems like we aren't wanted at this school. Yes, I know it seems like a stretch, but when every other person you meet asks you if you play football or basketball, and when the phrase "racism is still alive" is met by, "no, it isn't," thats when you know that, in fact, racism is still alive. At your campus.
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  • At 6:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey I just read your blog and I wanted you to know that I am feeling you on this note. That chapel with rappers and their lack of audience support made me conclude that I will not stand in Chapel again. Its a shame that it seems that everytime a black person gets on the stage no one wants to give them their props. In general I don't feel wanted here as well.

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