Tuesday, September 13, 2005
Me and Melonoma
This just in! Tanning is bad for you and causes skin cancer!

Really. I am shocked.

Seriousley, what will it take for these young heifers to stop damaging their skin? Have they not seen Farrah Fawcet recently? Do they enjoy that wrinkled, leathered look? Do you look at this picture and say "Mmmmm. Gotta get me summa dat!"

The sad thing is, now people in Japan are getting in to the whole tanning thing. And they take it way farther than some of the girls that I know.

But you have to wonder, with Japan, all of their ideas about what is "cool" and "in" comes from MTV and movies. So thats why you have all those young people walking around saying the N word without any understanding of what it means or why they are saying it.

This a weird turn of events, actually. One thing that people outside the black community don't know id that there is a huge internal struggle within it. It dates all the way back to slavery, when those who were lighter skinned got preferential treatment because they were just that. Light skinned. Even today, kids with dark skin endure teasing and jokes because they are dark. Its funny that now, in the white community, the darker you are, the "cooler" you are, while its still the opposite in the black realm. Women will go out of their way to find and marry a "light skinned brotha" so that her children will come out light skinned. Think about this: Name one actress (a prominant one) who is dark. I guaruntee you may not even find one, because not one comes to mind. For actors, you have the prerequisite Wesley Snipes, and who else? Think. (even though Wesley doesn't count because he's married to a white woman)

Anyway, back to what is important, my life.

We had a great Heavenly Voices meeting last night. We learned one song and we are too crunk. We have all these gospel fests that we are slated to perform at, and I am giddy with excitement to sing some gospel music after having to be subjected to "chapel music" for so long.

Today I was five minutes late to Sociology. I love most of my teachers here at Baylor, actually. They all seem to really love what they teach. My math teacher makes these little math jokes that he thinks are sooo funny, and that makes me laugh. He also has a tendency to hold the eraser with the bristles touching his palm, and then puts his hand in his pocket, so he always has torrents of dust around the edges of his pockets. That also makes me laugh.

*Sigh*. So I have a test in Intro to Mass Comm today. I had no idea that it was coming, but thankfully I checked out the syllabus online last night.
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