Monday, September 12, 2005
Me and A Full House of Smokers
I cannot stand to see a female smoking a cigarette, much less a cigar. Smoking is pretty nasty already for dudes, and it is even worse for women. I refuse to date a smoker. Never have, never will. Its just gross, for lack of a better term. Today I was walking past Brooks, and there was this girl, immensley enjoying a big ol' ugly cigar. She breathed in with pleasure and pushed the smoke out of her lungs with a sigh. Now, according to Dr. K's class, this is phallic, and that may be why she gets her puff on, but to me it is one of the few thongs that will instantly make a woman unnatractive. One of the Olsen twins smokes. She enjoys it, apparantley. Now goes my next little piece of randomness.(ooh, what a nice segue i have made)

So today I am going to write about something totally and completely random. I mean, this is so random, even for me, so I am going to prepare you for this, mkay? Are you ready? *deep breath*

Have you ever noticed that in every picture the Olsen twins appear in, one of them smiles and shows teeth, and one of them just sort of purses her lips? Why is this? I swear, in every single picture one of them does this and the other one does a real smile? I wish I could say that one of them always does one or the other, but I can't tell them apart. Do you think I'm kidding? Go to Google Images, and google them. I took the liberty of finding a few images, and these are them, verbatim, straight from the net.

Now I am imagining that there is some sort of clause in their contracts, that one of them (lets say Mary-Kate, just for fun's sake) can only do a real smile and Ashley has to do that weird i-am-on-crack lips pursing thing. Imagine the uproar when this picture appears on the tabloids, and the horrible time that their PR person has to fix it.

It leads to mass confusion. Which twin is which? Now I can only tell them apart by the number of ribs I can see sticking from their waifish bodies.

Not to say that I am hating on them, oh no. More power to them for being like, billonairs. I even kind of got caught up in their show, Two Of A Kind back when they showed reruns on ABC Family. But the smoking and the lip thing - they have to go.
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  • At 10:23 PM, Blogger Noelle12 said…

    I totally agree about the Olsen twins, and the fact that they have made 'grunge' a fashion statement. I myself would NEVER dress like that.

  • At 6:47 AM, Blogger DeAndre' said…

    And they seem to really dislike living...from all the pictures of them, theys eem to just be making it through life, not enjoying it.

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