Thursday, March 16, 2006
Listening to NOTHING
Because it is 4:00 in the morning.


is almost over.

It is Thursday.

I have done nothing but sleep. And it is glorious. However, I was at Wally World teh other day, and I was wondering why whenever I purchase a pair of underwear, there is always one pair that is smaller than the others? What's up with that?

Also, why is it that there are always the most random pictures on the boxes? Like, somebody standing out in an open field ina pair of drawers?

I saw "The Hills Have Eyes" tonight, def an awkward movie. About on par with "Devil's Rejects," another movie that I had no prior knowledge of until I sat down to watch it. Imagine my surprise...

I'm rollin back to the Waco on Sunday, so I'll all you coo cats and cattettes then. Because I can make up words like "cattette," that means I am cool.
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