Sunday, August 27, 2006
Stupid School.

Stupid Campus Living and Learning.

(Ok, j/k on that last part.)

So, here's the thing about being a CL (RA). Because you work with the people you live with, and the people you live with are the people you work with, you have this tendency to get darn cliquey. Not neccesarily a bad thing, but it becomes an issue (for me, at least) when the only conversations I 've had in the past week are about my residents and CL&L.

Our clique even has a Facebook group. And the fact that I called it a clique is retarded. Clique.
We basically hang out all the time...once again, not a bad thing because they are dannng cool. But every now and then I make a conscious effort to GET OUT OF THE DADGUM BUILDING. Its like a freeking fortress.

So, my computer is having some issues, I will ship it to Gateway to get the sound card fixed once my brand new Bank of America Visa Check card comes in the mail tommorow....and I get a mailbox. Stupid Baylor didn't have a mailbox for me for some reason. How teh gay is that?

And how teh gay is the fact that I've just said "teh gay" twice (now three) in two sentences?


My dorm room is awesome - excuse me, ahem, residence hall room (darn you CL&L!) is awesome, but the beds suck. In Martin the furniture was moveable and the bed rested against the wall, making sort of a headboard. Here they are conected to the desks, and its not comfortable. Plus I have ants. Dangit.

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