Friday, January 07, 2005
Wild Hog Alert!!! (And I'm not Talking About Elissa!)
After the game tonight (we won, btw - we beat Huntsville down and the score was like 50 - 30 or sonething) Mama, Daddy and I were driving home, and as we turned into one of the subdivisions, my Dad was like, "Look at that - over there". There was a wild hog munching away at the "Imperial Oaks Estates" sign. Wow. Now we know what dug up our front lawn the other day.

The week overall was pretty good but way to long (and stressful). We had an AP Government quiz which I'm pretty sure I got a 12 on. The only consolation is that I'm positive that I'm not the only one who did badly.

I'm really happy, though, because if you'll remember, back on the day of the Homecoming dance, the morning of, me, being the procrastinator I am, went out to buy a new pair of dress socks (not that I didnt have any, I just wanted some more)and while I was there, I saw THE BEST HAT, sort of a cross between a beanie and a cap, with a visor. So I bring it home all happy and excited, put it on my dresser and get ready for the dance. Went to the dance, and came back to find that my mother had cleaned up my room. Why she did this, I had no idea why; she waited 17 years to ever do something like that, and in the process, she lost my hat (that rhymed) and I was sad. So now I've found it after 3 months. Rejoice!

OK im going to bed now. I have to wake up tommorow morning early for choir rehearsal. Grrrrrrrrrr. I like sleep. It is my friend.

G'night peoples, in the words of Brett, "hang loose" (whatever that means).
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