Wednesday, April 13, 2005
This play for theatre
Mk, this is the character outline for my play

Barishnakov Elijah

The Russian exchange student from Russia who has a heart of gold. He is new to school and very insecure about his lack of control over the English language. He tries to fit in at school, but he struggles, with the Americanized way of life. He is very handsome, but he doesn’t fit in at all.

Lysine Clemmons

The most popular girl in school, Lysine is also very crazy. She is a cheerleader and the star of the girl’s basketball team, because she is very tall. She is sort of a stalker, and is secretly in love with Barishnakov, but cannot show it because her clique hates him because he is “uncool”, and is going out with Jonathan Rivershire.

Kath Alejandra

One of Lysine’s henchwomen. She is vapid and shallow, and has the reputation of being very friendly with the guys. She is freakishly smart and has a rolly backpack. She is also on the cheerleading squad, despite her lack of co-ordination.

Staci Ferrera

Another one of Lysine’s “homegirls”. She is exactly like Kath and Lysine, because they are her idols. Unfortunately, she is really very stupid.

Cheyanne Johnson

She used to be a part of Lysine’s clique, but realized how dumb it was to make fun of people. She lives with Barishnakov because she is his host family. She is very beautiful and is the head of the cheerleading squad. She is Lysine’s mortal enemy, because Lysine’s ex-boyfriend, Todd, is Cheyanne’s brother.

Jonathan Rivershire

He is pretty cool, but is currently dating Lysine, even though she cheats on him and lusts after Barishnakov. Jonathan and Barishnakov become friends and are inseparable.

Nicholi Sabaro

Nicholi is Barishnakov’s best friend in Russia. They talk online and call each other, and Barishnakov misses him greatly.
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