Tuesday, April 19, 2005
Yo soy tu papa

Then I went to school, feeling slightly ill. I had a headache, and my eyes hurt actually. Then I, was really trying to go camping with Bret and Adam, like really, I wanted to go with them, but my parents were all, "We'll discuss it later". In the end, it turned out that brett read a forecast that it was going to rain tonight, so we ended up just watching Meet The Fockers at Brett's house. It was so much fu, It was me and Dominique, Brett and Shiree, and Adam and Katti. We had such a great time, I love em so much. We stayed until like 10:30 and had a good time. All of us guys are on the ticket for Prom King, even though technically (I think) Adam and I shouldn't even be eligible becasue we were on the Homecoming Court. Logistics, logistics. Anyways, tommorow were eating at some time and were gonna have a blast. EVERYBODY COME!

- DeAndre'
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