Monday, October 03, 2005
Me and Lactose...Mmmmmmm...Lactose
So, I think I finally like milk again. I used to like milk a lot when I was little (c',mon now..who didn't? and if you didn't like it, you really didn't have a choice) but then when I hit about 7 I decided no more milk. The thought of drinking it turned my insides. I'm not, nor was I ever lactose intolerant, I had milk on my cereal, milkshakes, Milky Ways - you know, normal milk stuff. But come home from school and have a nice frosty glass o' milk? No sir. But now, I just drank a glass of milk and rather enjoyed. Hmmm...

Last night I once again splurged and allowed yself the $5 to see Serenity, and ya know what? It was really good. I had no idea what it would be about, or who would be in it, but it was really good, and surprisingly humorous.

Gosh, today in Chapel, the students were really rude. This nun came in to talk to us about a book she wrote that was turned into a movie starring Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon. Usually we get out of Chapel at about 10:40, but this woman used up her full time (technically we're supposed to get out at 10:50) and these people in the balcony just got up and left. This is like 100 people rustling and talking while she was still speaking. Then a student yelled, "Class is DISMISSED" and a whole lotta people just left before she was even finished. I was so embarrased.

In other news, someone obviously fed all the kids at Wiley Elementary School sugar before I came because they were WILD. They usually are rambunctious, but today they were just out there. I have no idea how those teachers and staff make it, becasue they were doing a number on me, and I have their respect. lol. omg. rofl. satan.

(if you didnt understand that last little sting of stuff, don't worry about it, I am slowly but surely having a nervous breakdown)
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