Thursday, May 04, 2006

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So I have to move out of my beautiful elegant room in a bout a week. It was good to have this large luxurious space that was the envy of all freshman on campus, but alas, I must leave you...to go work in God-forsaken Penland....were I will be a CL with a roomie for the first coupla weeks. Thats cool though, I'm over it.

Unfortunately, my roomate and I will probably not be departing ways on good terms...for....reasons... Thats too bad because he was awesome overall, except for two distinct occasions, and both of those were the same reason why we will probably not be *good* friends after we stop living together.

Hypothetical and rhetorical question: If you meet someone under bad circumstances (on their part...they were doing something morally wrong, in your eyes at least) then should that impression be all that you think of them? Its darn confusing, because your first insticnt is to dislike that person, because thats all you really know of them...this has got me confused and bored so I shall stop writing now.

OK< took my Race Class and Gender final today, and it was a 60 question exam, and out of that 60, only about 16 of the problems were not the letter "A". I'm serious, I have a scantron full of "A". Luckily I wasn't the only person, everyone else had that, but dag, thats a dirty trick. Even though I knew my answers were right, I kept second guessing myself, and thats what those dirty profs want you to do, get all nervous and mess up. But I kept my coo.

Gotta study for another (second and final) for tommorow, math, ugh. I'll holla.

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