Thursday, August 31, 2006

So, Baylor Bookstore is trash. Wanna know why? Sure, I'll tell you.

(1) They jack their prices up like crazy. Understandable for a school bookstore, but dang, a 60% increase is not good business.

(2) What happened to me yesterday.

OK, so I finally got my VISA check card from Bank of America. I had to get one because they basically own the school, and Bank of America ATMs are the only ones on campus, so I finally gave in and got one, because ATM fees are too dang high.

I should have gotten my backs, say, i dunno TWO WEEKS AGO when school started, but all my money was on that card, and until I had that, i was peniless. Broke. A pauper. Toni Braxton. You get my drift.

So I finally get my little card and go to town, buting books that I need, and all that jazz. I get to the novel I need for my ethics class, On Personality, by Peter Goldie. There is only one book left, and it looks a bit wore out. You know how when you read a paperback, the spine is a bit wrinkled, and the front cover wont stay down? Well, it was like that.

So I asked a passing saleslady if the book was new or not, because it had no USED sticker on it. Our conversation went like this:

ME: Excuse me, ma'am, is this book new? It doesnt have a sticker, but it looks like its been used.

LADY: Its new.

ME: Are you sure, it looks a bit worn.

LADY: Trust me, its new.


So I buy it, then take it back to the desk and Galan starts looking through it and sees that its all highlighted and penciled up. So I take it back to the store not two hours after I had bought it. I get in line and arrange it so that I don't get the lady I talked to before, but she is next to the cashier, and hears everything.

LADY #2: Can I help you?

ME: I sure hope so...I just bought this book, and paid a new price for it, but I just found out it was used, see (I show her the marked up pages)

*brief pause*

LADY: Well, I don't know...you really should have looked at it before you bought it.

It was all I could do to keep my peace. I almost went off, but after talking to different managers and textbook peple, I finally got my lil 5 dollars back.

Now you might say, "What is five dollars to you? It isnt even that much money?"

Listen to Beyonce:

I don't think you do. So you and me are through.
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