Monday, May 30, 2005
Schools out for the summerrrrrrr
Wow, I am experiencing some gnarly acid reflux.

In other news, schools out and today is the first day of summer (ok, actually that was friday, but whos counting?)

So I start work tommorow, at CiCIs and I'm sort of nervous (ok a lot) because in the back, theres the kitchen, and the floor is always wet, and I sincerely hope that my shoes are nonslip. I have to memorize like 80 pizza toppings, and I hope I can do alright.

So I graduated on Saturday whoopdoo! Im really happy to be out of that thing we call high school and on my way to college. By the way, look out for my articles in the Villager, Im writing freelance and my for story comes out thursday I think.

Hmmmm what else?

Went to like 80 awesome grad parties, thanks for inviting me everyone. Mine's on the tenth...thats next Friday, not this, sorry if I told anybody wrong. Everybody come, its gonna be awesome.

So, in other news, there are very evil people on the planet....people who take your cellphone and swich the number of someone you like with...someone you...don't like..very much (or at all), so when you call that person you like, you're actually calling that other person. Do you get my drift? If not, call me and I'll explain in furthur detail. And to the people who did that: Be careful who you call, and make sure the number is right, because you left your cell phone unnattended for a while at your party the other night....

Thats all for now, see yall later, im off to find some Tums.
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