Wednesday, September 07, 2005
Here I Am To Worship

So I have two new neighbors, Joy and Lady....Bear that is.

I live basically next door to two bears in the new Bill and Eva Williams Bear Habitat next to Martin's parking garage.

Here's a link to a HILLARIOUS SITE (the kind of hilarity that occurs when it isn't meant to be funny) about the cruelty that the bears where subjected to in their old habitat. Hehehe.

Its WEDNESDAY! D'you know why that is so kick-awesome?

I only have three more classes left this week *cabbage patch*.

So, I joined Heavenley Voices on Monday, it seems so awesome, I cannot wait for us to get our groove on...

Whenever I say I don't like Chapel that much, some people are like, Why? Well, its because they take music that used to have a beat and water it down so much that it is lesser than what it was.

Now, I love the message that the music gets across, don't get me wrong. But its mostly a cultural thing. Where I'm from, the music has a beat, as opposed to a slightly off-rhythm melody. Sometimes they are kind of crunk, but usually, its just random guitar and piano. Thats all I hear.

Some people are always like, "Why is Sunday the most segregated day of the week? Why don't black people come to our churches?"

Well, here's the thing. Let me let you all in on a little secret. Come closer.


Yeah, I said it.

And would you really want to go to a place where only about 4 decades ago, those "people of God" probably wouldn't even allow you in there?

Baylor only desegregated fully in about 1964.

So is it a black and white thing?

Yeah, it is.

I don't hate chapel. Quite the contrary,its alright as long as the speakers know what they are talking about, but more often than not, they don't.
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