Sunday, September 04, 2005
Too bad Waco is quite possibly the worst place in the world...
OK, its not the absolute worst place, but it is one of the oddest places ever.

So last night me and the roomies and some other cool people went to El Chico, which is apparently Spanish for freakishly expensive food, b ecause I was very foolish and paid like 23 dollars for my meal.

I know, an outrage, right.

So whats new on the horizon...how did you guys feel about the post I did yesterday where the basis was essentially, white people "find" things and black people "loot" them. Comment on this ish, I wannna know what ya'll think.

So in Waco, there are apparently four things to do when you arent in class;

1. Eat.

2. Go to the movies

3. Go to a club/party and see this guy.

4. Sit in your dorm and think about how this is totally not what kids on TV do when they are in college.

Or 5. Write a detailed report on who sings worse; Britney Spe - Federline, or Ashlee Simpson, and so this by watching hours of their music videos...Oh Ashlee...your pain is my joy.

So, I spend most of my time doing number 4, because I don't have my own transportation, so that sort of limits what I can and cannot do. Oh yeah, I also do a lot of number 1, because, well, you know....Im fat.

Anyway, in addition to being bored, I also deal with the food staff at Baylor.

While 80% of the peolpe who work at the dining halls (penland, collins, and memorial) are awesome, have worked there for literally 20 years and love their jobs...then there are the other 20% who this is the best they could do with their life, and they are bitter about it.

Not that there's anything wrong with working in foodservice (heck, I did...for about a month, before I vowed never to do it again), and if that's your perogative, go for it. Really. I aint mad atcha. But these people like hate their jobs...and they take it out on us.

So apparently there is some rule that like no one enforces that you are supposed to only get one meat and one entree....

I was at Penland the other day during a "transistion" period (if you don't know what it is, its when they are in between mealtimes and have a limited selection of food, and they use plastic forks and knives...which brings me to another point...I don't pay $80 Million a year to eat off plastic...j/k), and I go up to the counter ask ask for some frank and beans (which were reaaaally good btw) and the lady (who was sort of crazy looking) gave it to me. I then asked for a grilled cheese sandwich and she goes,


and I was like, "Excuse me?"

and agains, she yelled, "No!"

I stared at her for a few moments and she stared at me back.

Finally she spoke, she said,


This sort of shocked me. I mean, I had been eating here for about three weeks prior to this, and I had NEVER heard of that before. And besides, isnt when they say, "buffet," doesn't that mean that I can get whatever I want whenever I want and you cant do a dadgum thing about it?

I mean, really people. We pay $1,000+ a semester to eat whatever we want, when we want. And I shouldn't have to put up with disgruntled, unattractive cafeteria workers either. So there.
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