Tuesday, August 30, 2005
an article I wrote for bin.baylor.edu - baylor's information network.

What on earth is up with “Waco Water”?

This question and many more flowed through my mind during my very first sip of Waco Water, which I took August 18, 2005, at approximately 8:35 AM. The sky was sunny, with a small chance of rain. There was a warm front moving in from the East.

But before we move much further into this narrative, let me get a little background out of the way.

I am a freshman here at Baylor U, and I grew up in Houston, like most of the rest of the class of ‘09. Whenever I told people I was going to Baylor, they would pause for a moment, and then warn me about the perils of drinking the water in Waco. Again and again I was told, “Don’t ever drink the water there; you won’t have kids”, or “Seriously, don’t drink it; it will cause you to become even more impoverished and waif-looking than Lindsay Lohan.”

I was skeptical. I mean, I’m a big boy. I live in one of the most polluted and obese cities in America. On the football fields, I drank from troughs. Troughs! (For those of you who aren’t hip to your high school sports lingo, the trough was basically a length of PVC pipe attached to a garden hose with holes poked in it.) I laugh at you, “Waco Water”. Ha!

Then I tasted it.

I admit, I felt a bit weak after the first sip of my foray into questionable liquids. My first reaction was to spit it out, and my second reaction was to filter it through my teeth to see how much residue and flotsam it left behind.

So I began my mission to see if there were any people, any body at all, that enjoyed this water. I asked basically everyone I came in contact with if they liked, or even tolerated “Waco Water.” The general consensus was in fact, that no, no one really liked it very much.

But there are always a few. That’s right, they are all around us. People who enjoy this “Waco Water.” Oh yes. They may be sitting next to you in your Psych class, or maybe they are sweating next to you on the treadmill when you work out at the SLC. Or maybe they are behind you right now, reading over your shoulder…

Nevertheless, they do exist. I asked a young woman, named *Coral, who at the time happened to be gulping large amounts of water from the water fountain in the Carroll Science building, if she enjoyed the water.

“What’s the matter with it?” she asked me.

I think that answers the question.

Another person I spoke to, *Mike, had convinced himself that “Waco Water” is infused with minerals, and that’s what gives it that raw, edgy taste.


So with that, I basically concluded my short lived quest to find out why “Waco Water” tasted so soil-like. But one day, I shall find the strength to resume my search, and then, I will truly find out the answer to life’s most sought after question;

What on earth is up with “Waco Water”?

*not their real names.

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