Tuesday, October 04, 2005
Me and Anonymous Poster Who We'll Call Mrs. Jones
w00t!!! I gotta comment, I gotta comment (dorky, I know, but I'm going to relish in this moment)

Whichever anonymous person wrote this, let me know who you are. Don't be shamed to tell the truth and shame the devil! Yes, Lord! Oooh, He's comin in a Honda, a Honda, e coli! (Some Madea humor, for all of you who don't get it)

Hey I just read your blog and I wanted you to know that I am feeling you on this note. That chapel with rappers and their lack of audience support made me conclude that I will not stand in Chapel again. Its a shame that it seems that everytime a black person gets on the stage no one wants to give them their props. In general I don't feel wanted here as well.
You rock me like a hurricane. Oop, bad word choice.
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