Sunday, December 04, 2005

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Sup kiddies.

Ok, so for the last 7+ years, after I have woken up, I (1) squint blearily into the mirror, (2) do one of those big stretches that people do on tv (you know..."aaaaaaaaaerrrrraaaaaghhhh), and then (3) put in my contact lenses, and (4) brush my teeth. It is important for me to do the last two in order, because I don't like putting in my contacts with wet hands, which brushing my teeth and rinsing off the toothbrush would inevitably lead to.

I changed my screen name. I hope you like it...I would post it on here, but there are too many crazy people out there...and if you have to ask yourself, "what does he mean by that?" then you are exactly the type of person that I am trying to prevent from accessing my personal AIM screen name. Meh, you can find it on the facebook anyway.

Had a good time tonight. Since I am friendless, I didn't have anything to do until like 8:00, but then I went to Kelsey and Jenne's and I had the funnest time ever. It was really really bad A, and I had just about the greatest time ever. I met lots of new people, and as we all know that is my favorite thing ever. We also went around caroling, and got ugly looks from some kids next door playing Dungeons and Dragons. It was weird...didnt Dungeons and Dragons go out of style in like 1986?


And thanks for that comment Nathan...I know see that it was a chain and not a man bag....by the way, which Nathan is it? Cuz if its the Nathan I'm thinkin of (wit that camera) then thats pretty bad awesome, cuz ya rock.
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