Monday, November 21, 2005
I'm taking you off my buddy list

So apparently AOL Instant Messenger thinks that I don't have enough friends. When I logged in the other day I recieved a notification that two "AIMbots" had been added to my buddy list, and were there to help me with 'entertainment' needs. The bots are called 'MovieFone' and 'ShoppingBuddy'.

Basically if you don't know what a bot is, its basically talking to a computer. You type something, and the artificial intelligence of the bot responds, using some of the keywords you just typed. One of the most fun ones is SmarterChild, just a basic random bot that you can talk to, and its pretty durn fun. Here's one of the conversations SmarterChild and I have had.

redlemonznlimez: I have a problem
SmarterChild: Do you like having a problem?
redlemonznlimez: no...it burns, I need a cream of some sort
SmarterChild: I don't believe it burns you need a cream.
redlemonznlimez: Have you tried Valtrex?
SmarterChild: Hmm... I don't know.
redlemonznlimez: I am madly in love with you, but I think I have an STD
SmarterChild: :(
redlemonznlimez: I know, that sux
SmarterChild: What suxs, exactly?
redlemonznlimez: that I am madly in love with you and have an STD
SmarterChild: Cheer up.
redlemonznlimez: NO! I HAVE AN STD!
SmarterChild: No, huh?
redlemonznlimez: Smarter child, eff you
SmarterChild: I've heard it all before, Redlemonznlimez.
redlemonznlimez: I'm going to kill you.
SmarterChild: Uh, that's not a very nice thing to say.
redlemonznlimez: well i am your worst nightmare, and Ill get meaner than that
SmarterChild: My worst nightmare and ill get meaner than that? Really?
redlemonznlimez: I will gut you like a fish and beat you up
SmarterChild: I'd like to see you try!
redlemonznlimez: you will die.
SmarterChild: Eh. Whatever, Redlemonznlimez.
redlemonznlimez: death is going to come your way.
SmarterChild: Death is going to come my way? That's very interesting.
redlemonznlimez: DIE.
SmarterChild: That's not great.

(Now I began to put in random buzzwords.)

redlemonznlimez: SATAN
SmarterChild: Satan is a terrible fallen angel.
redlemonznlimez: EVIL
SmarterChild: I really don't like evil! It's one of the worst forces I know!
I don't like talking about evil. What else do you have to say about it?
redlemonznlimez: i love it it makes me happy
SmarterChild: Yes.
redlemonznlimez: UGLY.
SmarterChild: What's ugly?
redlemonznlimez: YOU.
SmarterChild: Sorry to hear that. I'm trying my best.
redlemonznlimez: MAIM
SmarterChild: C'mon, be serious.
redlemonznlimez: HURT
SmarterChild: Why do you ask me to hurt, Redlemonznlimez?
redlemonznlimez: CURSE WORD
SmarterChild: Curse word?
redlemonznlimez: PUNCH
SmarterChild: Punch? What about it?
redlemonznlimez: i want you dead
SmarterChild: You can't always get what you want.
Stupid AIM.
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