Monday, November 28, 2005
I know you do not like me and you've made it very clear.

Currently listening to:
Your Latter Will Be Greater
by Israel and New Breed

OK, this CD by Israel and New Breed is off the hook. I mean straight up, I am loving it like chocolate cake. I encourage everone to get it, I love all the new songs, and then there are encore selections of everyones favorites. Your Latter Will Be Greater, You Are Good, Rejoice, and of course, Friend of God.

So hows everyone doin? I'm fine, thanks.

I went home for Thanksgiving, and as usual, engaged in crazy hijinks. I went to Borders on Market Street, which all of us Conroe-ites know well, and somehow managed to fall down a flight of stairs. In front of about 36,000 people. I tried to play it off, but I was sprawled out on the ground on my back, and people couldn't decide whether to laugh, or to call an ambulance. It also didn't help that my cousin and sister fell down laughing.

It was good to get home, though. We hit up the Sharper Image, and took pics by the huge Market Street Christmas tree.

I also went to the Bayou Classic and saw Mike Jones. But if you live in H-Town, and you haven't seen Mike Jones randomly, then there is something wrong with you. This pic on the left is him signing autograpghs. I swear the man at the game must've said "Who is Mike Jones!" 3,000 times. That and "Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!" Like the 80 million black people packed in this stadium give a you-know-what about State Farm.

There are certain things that you have to realize go on when black people get together in large groups. First, when we got to Reliant Park, the smell of fried chicken wafted out of the stadium. Come on now, they aint never served no fried chicken at Reliant when I went to go see the Astros play. Also, there is a certain amount of ghettoness to be expected from the crowd. There were about three fights during the game, and a man was playing craps in the bathroom for $20 a round. Also, this pic to the left is of the Jumbotron, and it says, "Cheerleaders brought to you by Playtex." Isn't that mildly awkward to anyone else?

Then there are the females who try to be cute and get on the Jumbotron shaking like they are in a Sean Paul video. Come on, I am with my grandparents. Can't your freakfest wait? It was a good 50 degrees outside, and there were all these girls wearing Daisy Dukes and those boots that Britney Spears made popular, those Uggs. Wow. When black folk are affected (albeit a good 2 years too late) by the poison that is Britney Spears, you know there are some problems. Whats next, will we see girls entering public restrooms without shoes on, lyp-syncing horribly, or gettign married randomly and experienceing the ugliest pregnancy ever?

I've realized something about coming home. You see people that you really hate. And you hate everything. You go to the mall and you see all the preteens and high schoolers cavorting around trying their darndest to be cool, and you secretly want to stick your foot out and trip them. And by secretly, I mean actually do it.

You see people who are still in High School that you went to high school with and either you enjoy their company, or you wonder, why are they so dadgum immature? Why don't they have anything to do with their lives other than gossip and hang out at the mall? Then you want to punch them for being stupid and fat.

Then there are the people in your class who have either (a) stayed exactly the same, and are still annoying and want to rehash everything high school and act like they are still in high school, (b) have changed tremendously, and their idea of a good time must include a 40 oz and something smokable. When you IM me and say, "Hey we are having like a three month reuinon at so-and-sos! You should come!" It becomes painfully clear to me that you should probably try and grow up now. Not that everyone who wants to hang out with their High School pals are bad. Its just - complicated. The best thing about college is that if I don't like you, its as easy as that - I don't have to see you.

Lets get something straight, this is a big secret and I'm going to divulge it to you right now.

I didn't like everybody in high school.

I know, shocker, right. I mean, now that we are in colllege, that means I dont have to act like I like you! As a matter of fact, I don't have to see you either! This gets rid of those awkward situations, you know, when you see someone from HS at like Dillard's or something, and you both see each other, and you wonder if you should speak. This solves it. NO! I didn't really like ya five months ago, not much has changed since then.

This doesn't mean that I secretly hated everyone in High School. But its funny, we had a speaker in Chapel a while back who said, "Think about all the people in your life who you categorize as " bad" people. Do these people like you?" Which makes you think. Are people who are "bad" only bad to you because they don't like you? Of course I wouldn't know about this, because everyone loves me and wants to give me a sponge bath.

P.S. I am thinking of changing my screen name (I know, like the 4th time in a year). Leave me a comment with what you think it should be. And make it awesome!
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