Tuesday, November 29, 2005
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Now we are going to play a game. It is called "needs". The basic object of ths game is that you go to a search engine (google, yahoo) and you type in your name, followed by needs. So if your name is Sarah, then you would type in "Sarah+needs" and see what you come up with. Heres what I got:

1.Deandre needs to discipline his game, spend less time on flashy street moves, more on his team game and the repetition that will hone his shooting.

2.Deandre needs reminders and redirection to stay on task and follow rules, but he is easily redirected.

DeAndre needs to grow up. Missouri is taking a huge risk that could turn out great but could grow to be a huge problem if he doesnt have a better attitude and lose about 50 pounds because he is just a FAT *censored* big thug right now. GROW UP

DeAndre needs to talk to you."

K, so in the first one I am a basketball player. The second, a child in need of adoption, and I guess the third, a basketball player again, probably the first one. The funniest one is the last one. It looks like a fanfic for *NSYNC where I fuess "DeAndre'" is the bodyguard.
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