Thursday, December 08, 2005
Freaking Hookah

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Independent Women Part 1
by Destiny's Child

OK, I am still on this Destiny's Child thang....I swear, this CD is invading my mind. But want I want to know, when I listen to a DC song, I listen for the girl's individual voices, to see who is singing which background hooks. If you listen caarefully to songs like Independent Women, on the "All the women/ Independent" section, you can hear all of their voices...and a curiously deep voice, that could be a man. I know they probably have background singers to round out the sound, but it sounds like a dude. I couldn't find a good link for the song, so here's the video. May require IE, but I dunno.

So now for the main event. The big blog entry.Mkay, for all you people who just have to smoke your hookah. Why?

I have no problem with a person who says, "I'll smoke a cigarette, and yeah, I'm down with hookah." But the one who would never dream of puffing a cig, but will willingly suck on the hookah? What kind of sense does this make? Its a trend. A pretty dumb one, but a trend nontheless. I've asked a lot of people why they smoke, and the I get the same answers. "Its relaxing. Its social." Well, so's a gangbang, but I don't see you rushing out to procure a random alley for your sordid activities. (side note - In Focus Magazine, an insert-type booklet that comes out once a month inside the Lariat, they discussed "the other side" of Baylor...which apparently includes football gangbangs. Page 5 - "...James has witnessed but never participated in...a gangbang. 'They get her on camera saying she is cool with it.' If at any time she says stop during the recorded session...the men stop the tape, rewind, and record over it.")

So back to hookah.

The administration has outlawed hookahs on campus, but there's a new hookah lounge that opened up somewhere so that kids can get their daily fix of tobbacco, while firmly saying they are against cigarettes.

So, the hookah smoker who doesn't smoke cigs, I have a question. Do you also snort cocaine, but not smoke it? Do you engage in oral sex but not intercourse (believe me - there are more than a few)? Do you Front-Tuck? Come on, I want to know.

Hit me up.
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