Wednesday, December 07, 2005

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So as I am sure you can probably tell, I revamped the layout and template. If you know me, as I am sure that you do, you know that I very often randomly change things. Heck, I changed my AIM sn the other day, simply because I felt like it. And I like cheese.

The other day, I was at IHOP, and I went to the restroom. In the restroom was a urinal. In most urinals nowadays, there are little plastic catch-alls with holes in them to hold the urinal cake and to catch...gum...pieces of paper, tobbacco, that sort of thing. Well, this particular one in IHOP had an inscription on it. It said, "Say no to drugs!" Like a crackhead was going to wonder into the street and use the bathroom, look down into the urinal, and suddenly have an epiphany about his life, and make a turnaround change. Ha.
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