Monday, May 30, 2005
What is four years? Its a long time. In the life of a teenager, its an extremely long time. I spent the longest years of my life in the psuedo-nightmare called high school, entering in the fall of 2001. Now, as we all know, I (like everyone else who reminisces on their high school career) was cool. As a matter of fact, I would like to venture and say that I was extremely cool. Of course, as I look back, I know this wasn’t the case, but at the time, I was all that. The memories that I’ve come to make in four years are ones that I'll treasure forever. Don’t get me wrong, though; for every great memory I’ve had the opportunity to experience, there have been just as many trying ones. Somewhere around my sophomore year (when I was inexplicably hit with a wave of pre-senioritis), I began to question the plausibility of forcing hordes of sleep deprived, hormonally charged adolescents to come together 5 days a week and listen to people lecture at them for seven hours. I didn't like anything around me; teachers, assignments, classmates, standardized tests, and more teachers. I began to curse the sadist who invented the school system, and especially whoever came up with the novel idea of TAKS, when I was hit with a realization (one would hesitate to call it an epiphany, as I was, after all, 15) that maybe there was some rhyme or reason to this "school" thing. Where else could you learn and socialize with 2000 other people from every background imaginable, all with thoughts so different from your own? As I walked across the stage on Saturday, I paused to look out at all of my peers, my friends, who shared in this experience we call high school. When I looked out, I saw doctors,musicians, artists, dancers, actors and physists. I realized that all of these people entered this place four years ago the same way I did, nervous, confused, and full of the ambition of what would come in the future. As I looked out at that goup of young adults, I saw 440 faces smiling back at me - faces that I was proud to call friends. This crop of students is the future. For each of the students looking back at me, there is a generation of parents, grandparents, and greatgrandparents who's dreams have become a reality. There is so much more in store for the class of 2005, its just up for us to use the last four years as a key to open the door to a future brighter than we ever imagined. So what is four years? Four years really don't matter. Its what you do after that, after you cross that stage and recieve your diploma, that matters most.
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