Monday, October 17, 2005

Currently listening to:
Lion of Judah
by Dennis Lamar

So, to everyone that has ever left a comment....THANK YOU SO MUCH! And I'm sorry that I've never responded, I just had no idea they were there..in my old system I was notified by email whenever someone left a message, but I just re-did a coupla thingies, and I had no idea you people cared aboot my life! Makes me feel ooey gooey inside...like S'Mores...

Ugh. So this morning, I was all set on having a S'Mores Pop Tart. I leave them in my freezer so they get all chewy and whatnot, and taste just delish. Yeah I just said delish, wanna make sumpthin of it? So I go to the fridge and there are NO POP TARTS IN THERE. I wanted it so bad...I needed it, and they were all gone.

So the gentleman that I am currently listening to is Dennis Lamar (or Dennis McDaniel...his CD single says Lamar, his album says McDaniel). He sang at Chapel today and one other time. He is an excellent singer, and I've waled around campus all day randomly singing, "I am THE LION OF JUDAHHHHHHHHH." His music isn't exactly Christian or Gospel, but is more Inspirational. Cop his CD, I would, but I am poor.

So I had my math test today...yeah, I studied and prayed for weeks about this test but I'm still not sure if I did well, but neither is the rest of the class, which softens the blow a little bit.

Me and Crystal were def late to church on Sunday..we thought it started at 11:00, like every other black church in the entire universe, but it didn't, it started at 10:00. It was so funny, Crystal's son, Gabe was in the backseat of the car, and I was like, "Crystal..where is Gabe's other shoe?" and she was all "Yeah, since we were running so late, I couldn't find his other shoe, and I was hoping it was in the car but - its not. If anybody asks Ima be all, 'REALLY? It must've fell off in the car or something." So we get in church, and of course, the woman next to her starts playing with the baby, and eventually she was all, "Where is his other shoe at?" and Crystal was like, "Ummmmmm...it musta fell off" and the lady started lookin all up and down the pews for it, and Crystal was like, "Um....it must be in my bag...heh heh.." Now thats funny stuff.

The oddest thing ever is when you've been seeing someone's Facebook picture for the longest time, and they are frozen in that moment. Everything you know about that person is in that photograph. If they are pretty, if they are dressed nice, if they are making funny faces, it makes you think that is what that person looks like. When you stumble upon them in real life, its a bit unsettling, because this picture that you've been looking at is now wearing a different outfit and moving and whatnot. Isn't that the weirdest feeling? Its like, this is the Facebook pic -

but this is actually what you get -

Oh Whitney...what went wrong? You used to be my homegirl....Oh well,

I am the Lion of Judah
I'll be your strength when you are weak
I'll conquer every fear
And restore the stolen years
I am all that you will ever need
I am the Lion of Judaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

so lets take a poll. Is Whitney

A) Wiping the crack smoke out of her eyes
B) Crying
C) Just comin from diggin all in her nose
D)Putting in a Contact

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