Saturday, October 08, 2005
Me and A Lazy Day

I've been having such a good time these last coupla days. I feel all college-y and junk, just doing fun hangout stuff. Like 2 or three times a week, it seems that HV has a late night eating session at Memorial. Tonight we performed at Greater New Life's Musical and we were crunk..all 8 of us. Seriously though, we sounded pretty good. We usually have a good 25 people, but most of them are from Nigera, and this weekend was the African Students Association's big summit or whatever in Houston, so like half the choir was gone.

After the musical, me, Tika, Sintiki, Tinice, Jessica, and Lauren went to some random Chinese place to eat and we were actin the fool. We had the best time cuttin up on every single famous person in the world. It was cool though that we ate out because I allot myself one meal off campus a week, so this was it. We really started cracking up when we read our fortunes and we did the whole "in bed" thing. Don't know what I'm talking about? Well here goes.

When you get your fortune cookie, open it up and read it. For example, my fortune read "Next summer you will dance to a different beat." to this you add "in bed" to the end...no matter what your fortune is, making it "Next summer you will dance to a different beat...in bed." It is guaranteed to elicit gales of laughter from everyone present. I promise. Or your money back.

Ooooh, so after my 11 oclock class, I had nothing to do until 5:45 when we performed, so Sofie and I went to the SUB and watched Unsolved Mysteries for a good Hour and a half. It was really deep. This deranged man came into an elementary school with this bomb on a rollie cart was like "IMA KILL YALL MOTHEREFFERS" and the bomb was attached to his wrist by way of a piece of string, and if he pulled his arm far enough it would go off. Anywho, the school (which was named "Cokeville Elementary" for some reason...hmmm) was surrounded by police in moments. Anyway, the mad bomber for some reason left the room and went to the bathroom to pee or something. Before he left, he slid the string around this one teachers wrist and said "If you move your arm more than an inch it will go off and you will die mu ha ha." The second he leaves, she, being the dumb hag she is, immediately starts gesturing with her hands saying, "this is what we need to do! blah blah blah" and she is steady moving her hand and this one teacher was like "Karen!" but it was too late and the dumb heifer blew up the school. True story. Somehow everyone survived, but I secretly wanted the dumb teacher to have died, or at least have 3rd degree burns or something, They were showing interviews with the survivors, but she was curiously absent. I had hoped she was burning somewhere, but they didn't mention her anymore. Serves her right.
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