Thursday, October 13, 2005
Me and My Lack of Working Out

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So I am such a fat, horrible person. I'm on my THIRD A&W Cream Soda of the day, and I took a nap and overslept so I didn't get a chance to workout. Though it all worked out because I swear I broke my ankle on the treadmill. It hurts. On Tuesday when I was working out, I spent about 30 minutes lifting, and then decided to treadmill. But not downstairs around everyone else, because you know how it is.

You walk over to the one open treadmill and you start doing your usual 2.5 miles an hour. But then you look around and you see everyone else doing like 10 and not even sweating. So you try to keep up the pace, and it works for about 13 seconds, and then you die, because it is too fast. So I went upstairs so I could be fat and slow in peace, and so I'm up there really gettin it, just doin 3.3 miles, and since I don't have cute little earpod headphones, I can't listen to music, so I just close my eyes and hum to myself. Well, while my eyes were closed I must have slid to the very end of the tradmill, because I fell off it. It hurt bad.

So last night me and Bee went over to Mfrie's and Sofie's and watched Desperate Housewives Disc 3. Yeah, you know it was crunkeded up because we are just cool like that. At 12:30 thought, I was like, "ya'll, I have to go... I am so tired." And I was. But when I left, I started calling random people, as I am wont to do, because if I am attacked I can scream my location and the description of my attacker to the person on the other end of the line.

I called Katie Plu and she was like, "Me and my people's is at IHOP, you need to get there." OK, she didn't say me and my people's, but you get the idea. So I found myself completley un-sleepy for some reason and got my fine self to IHOP, where I met up with Katie, my homeboy Ben Carrol, and met this cool dude named Wade, and this cool chick who's name I knew I would never remember so I christened her "Christy Love". The cool thing about Baylor is you meet new people all the time, and most of them are really cool. Excluding the crazy ones. Because there are def crazy ones, just ask me about it, I have a few stalkers already.

While we are on the topic of desperate woman, what was Nicholette Sheridan thinking in this picture? I know its old, but...ew. She looks like someone dared her, "Hey, I bet you couldn't possibly look uglier than you usually do on the show" and she grabbed some old 1931 post-depression drapes and cut them up, and scantily wrapped them around her body and said, "Ha. take that." Eva Longoria's dress is also slightly questionable, but she is beautiful so she gets despensations from things like that.
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