Wednesday, October 05, 2005
Me and Nature's Attack
Nature hates me. How do I know? Because at every oppurtune moment She tries to sttack me. Whether it be with pollen that I'm allergic to, wasps that I'm allergic to, or ants that I'm allergic to. I think you get the picture, I'm just allergic to nature. So I'm walking past Penland today, thinking about HV's performance on Friday, and I start to sing, softly to myself as I am prone to do, when suddenly I get attacked by a bee. I start hitting myself and basically look like a crazy man and swat my head. Two girls pass a give me strange looks. The bee finally stops its asault on my ear and I continue on my way to math. I decide to keep on singing softly to myself, and I get to Fountain Mall and I get to "...we offer PRAIIIIIIIIISE" and a bug flies straight into my mouth. No lie. I start coughing and spit it out and of course, more people walk by me and give me strange looks. I figure at this point I should probably not sing anymore, so I just enjoy nature, and life, and the things God has given us to look at. I admire the trees, and their pecans, and because I left super early to do my homework, I have time to watch a squirel collect some nuts. Its fun, because as I earlier posted, the squirells here aren't afraid of people. So I get to SidRich, and I am literally steps away from the building when a bee flies into my eye. MY EYE. I begin screaming and trying to expel from my head before it can burrow into my cornea and cause major damage. I run into the bathroom where there's a dude on his cell phone talking. I furiously dig into my eye, trying to eradicate the foreign object from my eye, and then douse it with water like the nurse to me in the fourth grade. I don't know if it came out, but now all I have to show for it is a red eye and some major pain. So if you ever see someone going psycho, don't keep walking...they may be suffering from nature trying to kill him/her. But there are bees all over campus. Mmmmmhmm. Look at this picture. The thing in the right hand corner? BEES NEST! And those things in the background? BEES!

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