Friday, October 21, 2005
Me and Tha 'Roe

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I am home! w00t! Get busy!

We left yesterday at aboot :30 and got here by 6. This weekend has been awesome thus far, because all I do is sleep. Unfortunately, it is as boring as sin, so I have no idea what I'm gonna do with myself. I mean, Waco is boring, but Conroe when you're the only person on break? Completely and utterly boring.

Good news! Got my camera back..you know, the camera I left in the yearbook room, say a million years ago? I have found it, and am taking pictures of everything that I can, get ready for random pictures through out this post, cuz you're gonna get em.

Me winking sexily.

And so, I get home and my dads all, "Hey son, guess what. I got a new car, I'm bringing it home right now." He has a FLY new car. I don't even know what it is, it is just an old school pimpmobile. Man, I hope that when I have my mid-life crisis that I am rich so I can by freakishly nice things like my pa. (just kidding about that mid-life crisis thing - i just want a new car)

What else...went by the Yearbook room, they are working hard...hehehehe. While I am on the subject of high schoolers, the stankness of these young females. It seems as though Oak Ridge's atheletes have had their myspace privaleges revoked, because my good friend Principal Tommy Johnson (or TJ - we are tight like that) got a myspace account and saw that some of the student atheletes had pictures of themselves in thongs, just all naked and stank online, so the coaches are told now to tell the atgheletes not to use myspace - they can get kicked
off the team for it.

Its about time. The stankness of some of these young females is unsettling. Some of them (and yes I am looking at some of yall in Academy of SciTech) openly discuss their promiscuousocity on their blogs. With no shame. And no tact. Hmmph. I tell you da troof...

Moving along -

Oops. This is a pic of me sleeping in the PT while waiting for my mom to emerge from the school. And looking sexy while doing it, might I add.

Heyhey, some controversy thats somewhat old, but hey, its probably new to you, is that in the movie Guess Who featuring that oddman Ashton Kutcher and my distant relative Bernie Mac, they spent $100,000 to digitally erase the red Kabalah string from his arm. 100K. That is so much money. The story has it that they filmed all the film with the string, and then showed it to a test audience, and they were like 'SATAN WORSHIPING. SATAN WORSHIPING!" so they spent One Hundred Thousand dollars to digitally erase it.

Dagum. Thats a lot of money. But why didn't they just tell him to take of the stupid little string at the begining of filming?? I can't imagine them going throughout the whole thing and then they get to the editing room and say, "Whats that on his hand?! J-Jim, did you authorize that? Cause I sure didn't." I guess thats what happens when you worship A PAGAN GOD, SINNERS! STOP SINNING, YOU SINNING SINNERS!!!
OK, just kidding, I actually have no idea what Kabalah stands for or what your supposed to do with it. It does sound like a nice soup though. Like it would have cabbage in it.

Wow, this is really funny, go here, read, and have a good night.

"See, that right there is a bold-faced lie. Paris Hilton is a constant threat to everyone's welfare, minors included. After all, the girl's like the Pepé Le Pew of venereal diseases. She walks down the streets, and suddenly all the flowers have wilted and all the children she's passed begin to feel a burning sensation when they pee. Though, to her credit, the whole incident may just have been one of those classic Pepé Le Pew misunderstandings. She probably just mistook the kids for Lindsay Lohan after they unknowingly sat on a bench freshly painted with [hooker]."


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