Thursday, October 06, 2005
Me and...Bleh
Now as much as I love psuedo-Christian rock groups performing outside my dorm room at 10:00 at night, I think they should definately draw the line somewhere...Its feaking loud and it doesn't even sound good. Whatup wit that?

I went to the Impact meeting tonight...it was so crunk, I'm going to join their Drama Team, and their Praise Team. I love to sing, and they love my voice, so its all gravy.

My and the roomies all took simoultaneous naps at 2 oclock in the afternoon...and didn't wake up until 6. I thought it was Friday morning and I was late for my first and only class of the day.

I don't have that much to talk about, except that it sems that I'll be alone again this weekend, because the roomies are going to an FCC thing, so hit me up...I'll probably be asleep or something, lol.

Oh! I can finally go back to Carver Park..if you don't know why, ask me, I'll tell you, its a fun story.
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